Knitting Patterns

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Free knit cowl scarf

Cable knit Neck Cowl

Cable knit cowl

Cable knit cowl

Cable Knit Cowl

Materials: Yarn: Worsted weight, one ball, needle size: 8, three buttons.

Free PDF here: Cable Knit Cowl-Thora Bey original

Free Three Eyed Fish Hat pattern

Three Eyed Fish Hat

Three Eyed Fish Hat

Three eyed fish hat-2years old

Three eyed fish hat Medium Kid

Super Bulky Knit Mittens Basic Pattern:

Medium Child Super Bulky mittens

Adult size Bulky mittens

Elephant Lovie

Elephant lovie

Elephant lovie

Elephant Lovie by Thora



Seahorse by Thora

12 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns

  1. I’m currently creating the Seahorse and have run into a problem. After you finish row 54 you are left with these stitches; First needle: 9 sts Second needle: 12 sts and Third: 12 sts. When you start row 55 you knit the first needle, but on the second it says to: k 4, M1, K2, M1, K2, M1, K3 (aside from the M1′s it requires 11 sts to begin with) and the third needle says to: K3, M1, K2, M1, k2, M1, K2, M1,k2, M1, K4 (aside from the M1′s it requires 15 sts to start with). Help! I need to know the corrections, thank you!

  2. My question is for the seahorse. My mom really wants to make one I’m having a really hard time finding a free pattern that is knitted for the seahorse. Only problem is she doesn’t know how to use the DPNs and has tried many times and gets frustrated. Is there a way to make this pretty seahorse without using the DPNs?

  3. I actually was initially seeking for creative concepts for my blog and discovered ur
    blog, “Knited cowel Pattern”, do you mind in the event I actually implement a bit of of ur tips?

    Thanks a lot -Jamel

  4. Just love the elephant pattern. However would like to know what the m stands for. Is it main color. Have the blanket done and am not sure where to go from here. Also did you split your 1st 9 stitches onto 3 needles?

  5. On Elephant Lovie pattern by Thora I have a question. On row2 of the head is it knit 1, m1 all the way around or it’s knit 1 m1then knit to the end of the round. I am a senior citizen and easily confused but I love the patterns.
    Thanks Meta

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