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Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your virtual stay.  I am a parent, crafter, writer, baker, sewer, quilter, urban small space gardener, knitter, PTO mom and worker.  I was a green crafter before it was cool- my brother teased because I would say “Don’t throw that away- I can make things from that!”.  (Thanks big brother for setting me up with this site.)  Somethings I have done from ideas found on the web, others are modifications, and some are my own creation.  I wanted a place to give back to those out there who were such an inspiration.

I hope you find some ideas to make your life brighter, more beautiful, or just more interesting.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am delighted and totally impressed you made your own carbon needles! I was so disappointed with the Knitters Pride/Knit Pro carbons with silver tips, as the yarn often catches in the slight space at that join, which is frustrating. So finding your advice, important safety tips and step by step process documented here is truly inspiring.
    I believe in women being makers, inventors, thinkers and tinkerer’s. was researching how to do this myself. I will be back in touch if making my own works out. All the best to you, Heidi, Sydney Australia

  2. Hellooo!!! Thank you first of all for giving the world your most precious gift of all…..YOUR TIME!! I am entering into the world of growing various types of peppermints. Your blog has been extremely helpful so thank you again.

    I am a question, and it may be a DUH??? Question, but if I grow various flavors of peppermints should I keep them in separate areas so the bees do not cross the flavors? And if so how far apart? My bees go crazy in the summer crossing my tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos.

    Thank you again you are AWESOME!! Go team green!!


    • Most of the varieties do not breed true from seed and it is best to propagate from a cutting. Otherwise, yes, you are right, you would want to prevent cross pollination.

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