Crafting Theory

I love crafting, but I think the act of the craft is more important than the product of the craft.  If you can’t enjoy the process, what is the point? I am a free form crafter that purposely designs projects that don’t need a lot of precision.  I find that obsessing over perfection ruins the crafting experience.  Instead, beauty can be found in intentional imperfections. 

An example: I was quilting some bags as gifts.  I wanted to make spiral shape quilt patterns, but  couldn’t do it free hand and perfect enough.  A machine would be needed with algorithmic programing or a compass to make it perfect enough.  So instead of trying, and trying to reach perfection I decided to make the lines wavy circles.  This made the spirals look like flowers, and they were beautiful.  And easy, and delightful to do.  So, the lesson here- layer imperfect flowers cut out of felt and no one will notice you don’t have a perfect four petal flower. 

Go free form and enjoy, instead of ridge and obsess over perfection most of us can’t hope to achieve.

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