Kid Fairy Gardens

So I discovered the idea of fairy gardens and fell in love with them.  I then spent about 6 months assembling the stuff for my building’s kids to make a garden each- and as always on a budget.

The garden bowls are chip bowls for a dollar each from a dollar store with holes melted into the bottom.  I found extras and pebbles at the dollar store, thrift store and saved the shells from baked clams.

The cute bird baths, worms and stepping stones were made by the kids with sculpy, at the fraction of the cost of buying them.

I then bought value packs of Irish Moss, and the impatiens were donated by another family in the building.

G Man's Garden

G Man’s Garden

A girl's garden

A girl’s garden

S darling's garden

S darling’s garden

B's Garden

B’s Garden

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