Mint Extravaganza

I am the proud owner of 15 varieties of mint!  Some I scavenged, some I bought at a local nursery and five I bought online from .

They are:

1. Sweet mint 1- started from seed last year.

2. Sweet mint 2- bought from home depot and made cuttings.

3. Sweet mint 3- from my Dad’s garden

4. Mystery Mint- might be sweet, might be curly found in an alley.

5. Orange mint- from home depot

6. Chocolate mint- from home depot

7. Lemon mint- local nursery

8. Mohjito mint- local nursery

9. Berries and cream- local nursery

10. Pineapple Mint- local nursery

11. Ginger Mint-

12. Sweet Pear-

13. Candy Pops-

14. Iced Hazelnut-

15. Fruit Sorbet –


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