Organize your craft space to increase your craft time

If you are like me you are a busy person.  With work, cooking, cleaning, child care, child’s school commitments and family and friends my time is precious.  Sometimes I only have 10 minutes before I have to leave to pick up my kid to get some crafting done or 15 min as the pasta pot is coming to a boil.  If you have to drag out a sewing machine, set it up, or dig through boxes for other supplies you won’t be able to take advantage of those stolen moments.

So get yourself organized and dedicate a space to your crafts- even if it is only a table- and you can take advantage of those brief moments in time.  It will surprise you how much crafting you can get done if you don’t have to spend time setting up.

My space is the family room portion of a large dinning room, it also doubles as my work space so I keep my laptop there as well.  The space itself is maybe 6 ft by 8ft, with a room divider created out of bins and a dresser.

Shelves on my wall provide storage up to the ceiling.

Below the wall shelves is a kids dresser that my son out grew.  The bottom drawers are filled with yarn.  All the yarn is organized by weight and color so it is easy to find and attractive in the bins.

The top of the dresser holds frequently used equipment.  A jewelry box makes an attractive and functional place to store safety pins, bobbins and other sewing machine notions.   Everything has a place and everything is in its place.  The green bowl acts as a catch all until something can be organized such as buttons cut off a shirt going into the rag bag.

The space facing the room has a dresser found in the alley and restored by my husband.  This is the unofficial Chicago recycling plan.  I once put out a toddler bed that didn’t last 45 minutes before it was picked up.  Bins on top of the dresser are labeled with contents and small shoe boxes have organization for works in progress.

My button collection is one of my favorite things.  I have all the buttons sorted by color in glass jars.   I have these in my window ledge that my desk faces.  I get to admire them with the sun shinning through and if I need a green button- I know exactly where it is.

Providing adequate storage is key to being able to organize your stash, and once everything is at your finger tips it will amaze you how much more time you spend crafting.

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