Preview: Felted knitting project bag


I love knitting, and I always have one project going that I work on while waiting at the park or in front of the TV at night.  I have had a number of project bags.  I tried a thrift store purse, but it was too small and had too little storage.  So I designed and made my own, with tons and tons of custom pockets in the inside.  But I learned that if you lean over just the right way your double pointed needles fall off and go bouncing and rolling all over the floor.  Also, it is hard to dig through pockets on the inside, even when you KNOW, you put it away right last time.  I ended up making a knitting essentials case to go in my knitting bag.  I take this out while knitting setting it out like an old fashioned writing desk.

Then I thought- what if you could safely store the notions on the OUTSIDE of the bag with a flip out pocket.  On the inside have a pocket for your working ball of yarn so it doesn’t tangle, and the outside has your scissors, measureing tape and extra needles.  So here is the next generation of my knitting bags.


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