Quest for the perfect homemade pizza

I love pizza, I mean really love pizza.  I could eat pizza 4 to 5 times a week forever and never get sick of it.  But I have never been able to make good homemade pizza.

But I have decided, NO MORE!  I will make good pizza.

What I have learned so far:

– Do not freeze homemade pizza sauce, it separates and becomes weird.

– Cornmeal adds crunch, but also feels like I am chewing on sand.

– Cast iron over pizza stone.  When you have pre-heated your oven, and made your pizza put your pizza in your cast iron skillet for about 3 min or until the olive oil on the crust starts bubbling.  Then put it in the oven.  You get a nice crisp crust.

– Bake the pizza at 450, for about 7 mins, and then finish it up under the broiler on high.  This makes it nice and bubbly and golden, and the toppings scorch a little.

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