Thrift Store Shopping tips

I do a lot of thrift store shopping.  I dislike shopping in general, but the thrill of the hunt, and the bargain make me love thrift store shopping.

Find the sales: Stop by every day of the week or ask the clerks what the sales are.  Different days might have different items on sale.  The one near my house has Sundays’ as 3 for a dollar.  It took me forever to figure that out.  Another has Saturday .69 sales.

Do they have shipment days?  If they have shipment days show up on that day or the next to find the best stuff that hasn’t been picked through yet.

Be picky- but flexible.  Don’t buy something just because it is there.  If it is worn, has rips and holes, or stains, then pass it up.  There will be something else, if it is cheap junk, it is still junk.  But be flexible- look at the potential of everything.  Sheets, towels, blankets and other household linens make great yardage.  It might not be what you were expecting, but it can still be great.

Know what you have.  I keep a list of the clothes I have bought for my son in a certain size in my purse.  That way I know if I have enough long sleeved shirts or if I should pick up a few more.

Keep a list of what  you are looking for in your purse.  You never know when you might stop at a thrift store.  Know what you are looking for to be sure to check out those areas.

Thinking of furniture?  Keep a list of measurements AND measuring tape in your purse.  If you find that perfect item you want to make sure it is really perfect and it fits the space.  In the same token you don’t want to have to pass up a great find just because you don’t know if it will fit.

Shop frequently.  You never know what the store will have, and what great item will come up.  I shop at thrift stores twice a week, but I am just as likely to walk out with nothing as to come home with a couple of treasures.

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