Two sets of Mors bags

 In Betz White’s Sewing Green she has an article about Mors bags at  This site has a free shopping bag pattern and encourages the sewing of these bags from recycled materials or from your stash and then giving them as gifts or to hand out at grocery stores to stop the use of plastic bags. I have made 14 bags so far.  I have made a set of 7 bags from this reclaimed red table cloth that I got for $3.00 at the thrift store. 

Red brocade morse bags

Red brocade Mors bags

I got this table cloth on sale for .69, practically brand new at a thrift store.  I made a set of 5 bags and I put pockets on the outside.

Tuttie Fruitie Morse Bag

Tuttie Fruitie Mors Bag





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