Year of the Cupcake: August

For my birthday I decided to make the two flavors that I thought I would love the most.  So I made Lemon Raspberry and Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.  Then the excitement got hold of me and I also made Cannoli Stuffed cupcakes.

Lemon Raspberry

I used a lemon cake box mix, and added zest of two lemons.  Then after baking I filled the cupcake with raspberry jam and then made a lemon raspberry whipped cream frosting.  To make the frosting shelf stable I added a bit of gelatin (google how to stabilize whipped cream) and it worked great!  This frosting can’t be frozen though, so don’t pop these in the freezer.

c8-27-17 Lemon Raspberry

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

For this cupcake I found the recipe online, but it talked about using real cookie dough, which have eggs in it, and as raw eggs are bad for you, all sorts of warnings about consuming raw cookie dough.  Since I make a cookie dough truffle, I just used that recipe, making sure it was moist enough to still be moist after baking.  I also found a cream cheese cookie dough frosting recipe for a cheese cake that I swapped in for this.  So there you go, chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough center and cream cheese chocolate chip cookie dough frosting.

c8-27-17 Chocalate Chip Cookie Dough

Cannoli Stuffed cupcake

I found this recipe online also.  It is OK, but the cannoli frosting isn’t anything special.  The recipe I found suggested yellow cake, but in a later version (September) I swapped in chocolate cake and drizzled the ganache instead of making it a lump on top.

c8-30-17 Cannoli Stuffed


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