Year of the Cupcake: September

It was in September that I realized my goal of making one flavor of cupcake a month would not be enough.  That is when I started to make two, and quickly I have realized I make at least three.  The third one comes along sometime mid-month or the month before while I have all other flavors planned out for the rest of the year based on fruit in season, birthdays, and holidays.

Chocolate Mocha Stuffed Cannoli

This is a chocolate mocha cake, with a little bit of cinnamon.  The cannoli filling and frosting is on top, and then I used a chocolate ganache drizzle to make it pretty.  This recipe is one of my own devising.

9-3-17 Chocolate Mocha Cannoli

Philly Black forest Cheesecake

This recipe I found online and consists of chocolate cake, cheese cake center, cream cheese frosting and cherry pie filling.  It was OK, but not that memorable of a cupcake.  I can do better with the chocolate/cherry combination.

Black Forest Cheesecake

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

This is a cupcake that is remembered and talked about.  It is better without the bourbon though, substituting 1/2 cup coffee and 1/2 cup buttermilk.  It is a chocolate cake with pecan pie filling and a butter pecan frosting.  This cupcake taught me two new skills, which is kind of the point of this whole exercise: pecan pie filling and butter pecan frosting.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan

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