Year of the Cupcake: January

In case you haven’t added this up, but there are 21 unique flavors, and 566 total cupcakes made so far.  That is in 6 months, so an average of 3.5 new flavors a month.  It is a good time to be my friend!

Black Bottom

Chocolate cake with a cheese cake center.  I had never heard of this, but with tons of recipes online, it must be a cultural touch stone for some.  To me is it like a cross between a cupcake and a cheese cake.

1-7-18 Black Bottom


My husband loves butterfingers, so when I found this recipe, I had to make it!  It is one of my favorites.  It is a peanut butter cake, with butterfinger crumbs in the batter, a chocolate gauche top layer, and a peanut butter butterfinger frosting.

1-7-18 Butterfinger

Pumpkin Pie

This was nothing compared to the pumpkin ginger, so I won’t be making again.  Plus, I didn’t use foil wrappers and I really, really should have.  It did have a nice cinnamon clove cream cheese frosting.

1-13-18 Pumpkin Pie Cupcake

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