Year of the cheesecake: Buddy Valastro’s Italian Ricotta cheesecake

Year of the cheesecake: Buddy Valastro’s Italian Ricotta cheesecake. It leaked OUT of the pan-a lot. I think I need to drain the ricotta. Also, I learned that if you have the smallest amount of egg yolk in your whites stiff peaks won’t form. It is true, they weren’t making that up.

Also, I discovered I don’t like Italian cheesecakes.  I like cream cheese cheesecakes.  But I looked pretty.

Year of the Cheesecake: New York Cheesecake II

Year of the cheesecake number three: New York cheesecake II from  This is a solid plain cheesecake. Dink ate 3 pieces already. I am now up to 32 recipes picked out if you count the five Italian cheesecake recipes I found today. I have also solved the leaking pan problem thanks to America’s test kitchen!

Here is the video:

Recipe can be found here:

Year of the Cheesecake: Chantal’s New York cheesecake

Year of the cheesecake: Chantal’s New York cheesecake. Just trying to get the basics before I go crazy. I am still trying to keep the spring form pan from leaking. Either I didn’t wrap the foil right or steam condensed in the foil to cause the crust to be soggy. America’s test kitchen recommends to use a slightly larger pan to protect your spring form pan in the water bath. I am sourcing those pans to try that next. Also, cheesecakes don’t rise when you bake them. I didn’t know that.